Aikido Links

UCL Aikido Club - The sister club of the YMCA Aikido Club.

UKA - United Kingdom Aikikai, our orginization.

Ren Shin Kan - The house in the UKA to which we belong.

AS - Aikikai of Serbia - our overseas friends!

Zanshin-Kai Aikido Club - a UKA club in West Midlands.

BAB - British Aikido Board, national governing body for Aikido.

JAF - Aikikai of Yugoslavia.

BA - British Aikikai; London dojo

BAF - British Aikido Federation

KAA - Komyokan Aikido Association

Art of Peace - Excerpts from The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba

Other Links

YMCA - Details of all YMCAs including our home the Forest YMCA - A comprehensive list of sport clubs and organiztions in the UK.

Nine Circles - Martial Arts Supplies (discounts through the club instructors)

Sakura Martial Arts Supplies - Another Martial Arts Supplier