Self Defence for Little Ones


I am precious - my Parents and Family love me. I have also a right to be safe and happy and I will help myself to be safe.

  1. A stranger is someone we do not know well.
  2. Other people (even relations) are not always good, they can hurt and upset children so we must be very careful.
  3. We must never go anywhere with anyone we don't know - we must always ask our parents if it is OK.
  4. If I tell my parents I am going somewhere, I will go there, if I change my mind I will let them know before I go.
  5. I know my address and phone number.I also know how to make a reversed charge call if I need picking up or in trouble of any sort.
  6. If my Mum sends someone to meet me from School or anywhere else, they must use a secret code word which my Mum and I have arranged or my Mum will phone the School to tell my Teacher.
  7. I will also look after my friends because they are precious too.
  8. If I see a friend doing something wrong I will tell an adult.
  9. If I see them getting into a strange car or going off with a stranger I will not go near enough for them to get me, but I will shout and tell them not to go, then I will tell a grown-up.
  10. If I can find a stone I will write the car number and colour on the edge of the pavement to remind me.
  11. My body belongs to me and if anyone does anything I don't like I must tell an adult that I trust.If they don't believe me I musttell someone else until I am believed.
  12. I can say "NO" it is not rude to do this, it is my right.
  13. The parts of my body which are covered by a swimming costume are private and shouldn't be touched, sometimes a Doctor or Nurse might have to touch and my parents must be there. If not I can ask for someone else to be there.
  14. The Self - Defence tricks I learn should only be used if I am in danger or someone tries to take me away. I must shout, scream, kick, bite or even spit, anything to make them let go.
  15. If I learn these "rules" and obey them at all times, maybe my Mum and everybody will not worry so much.
  16. My world is up to my finger tips in all directions and if anyone comes closer than this I can and must say "NO".
  17. Good adults do not ask children to keep secrets.We must tell. (Unless it is about Birthday or Christmas presents for others).
  18. I do not have to do anything I know or think is wrong just because my friends say I should do it.I must think "would doing or saying this upset my parents if they found out".If the answer is "yes" I will not do or say it.